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INTAC PyME is a point of sale terminal for all sorts of medium to small businesses that lets you completely manage inventories, stock, merchandise, etc. It's just as useful for clothing or shoe stores as it is for sewing supply or stationary stores.

The program comes with a simple and intuitive interface that lets you access all the elements of your business with just a few clicks. Whether its monitoring the warehouse or the table layout in a restaurant, with just two or three clicks, you can start managing it all.

One of the great things about INTAC PyME is that the program is completely compatible with Microsoft Excel, making it much more convenient to manage your inventory.

INTAC PyME is a great point of sale terminal that has a simple and functional interface, along with tons of great features.

The basic version is free.


Requires Windows 2000 operating system or newer.


The program does not provide connection between cash registers or invoices. These features are only available in the paid version.

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